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The day after the European elections: “sorry, we were wrong”

The EU is a project unprecedented in the history of politics. No one ever expected its governance to be easy.

28 countries have to reach balance of power and interests within three leading institutions: The Council, the Parliament and the Commission.


However, what everybody knows very well is that the EU governance is now very important for the future of Europe but also for each member-state separately.


Phenomena of political instability, weakness, inconsistency together with the procrastination of choices made by these three key institutions, would have dramatic consequences for the economy and for the already deeply damaged faith of European citizens.


The message Mrs. Merkel and Mr. Cameron have been sending is that the President of the Commission will emerge behind closed doors. It indicates secret processes and results in the deception of European citizens, something that should not be allowed.


The citizens that watched the debates of the candidates for the presidency of the Commission, were invited to elect for the first time not only MPs but also a name with a face for the Commission’s leading post. To these people the EU will reply: “sorry we were wrong, or we lied”.


If this happens, the President of the Commission, whoever that might be, will be compromised from the very beginning, while the participation in the next European elections may well be a one digit number.


Prime Ministers and Presidents of the parties and above all the MPs that took part in this campaign should act.

That is what we expect as citizens, at least those who deeply believe in the necessity of the political union but also in the democratic function of the EU.

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